Increase engagement on campus with Educate the Wait.

Educate the Wait provides a campus-wide communication solution that promotes student activities, faculty projects, campus events, and an increased sense of community.


  • Instant crisis communication for inclement weather, campus closings, and emergencies on campus.
  • Promote student organizations and activities.
  • Provide relevant information and wayfinding for campus visitors.
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly academic calendars and schedule of events.
  • Social media integration with students, faculty, and campus organizations.
  • Highlighting student’s projects and achievements.
  • Generate revenue through campus approved advertising
  • Thanking Donors and Sponsors
  • Promote bookstore, cafe, and other campus venues across campus.
  • Ask us about our curriculum integration program. 
Newman University

Providing a solution that integrates students, faculty, staff, and visitor information promotes a greater sense of belonging that increases engagement, loyalty, and pride in their academic institution.

It’s time to put your waiting room TV to better use.

Engage, Entertain and Educate the Wait of your customers.

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