Increase engagement on campus with Educate the Wait.

Educate the Wait provides a campus-wide communication solution that promotes student activities, faculty projects, campus events, and an increased sense of community.


  • Instant crisis communication for inclement weather, campus closings, and emergencies on campus.
  • Promote student organizations and activities.
  • Provide relevant information and wayfinding for campus visitors.
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly academic calendars and schedule of events.
  • Social media integration with students, faculty, and campus organizations.
  • Highlighting student’s projects and achievements.
  • Generate revenue through campus approved advertising
  • Thanking Donors and Sponsors
  • Promote bookstore, cafe, and other campus venues across campus.
  • Ask us about our curriculum integration program. 
Newman University

Providing a solution that integrates students, faculty, staff, and visitor information promotes a greater sense of belonging that increases engagement, loyalty, and pride in their academic institution.