What if Your Waiting Room Were Good for More Than Just Waiting?

Use Educate the Wait to increase patient engagement and satisfaction.


  • Eliminates unsightly signs around the waiting room
  • Upsell patients on additional services
  • Communicate office policy reminders
  • Provide beneficial health info tips
  • Introduce doctors and staff
Although what happens in the exam room is the most important part of a patient’s visit, your waiting room may have more to do with patients’ overall satisfaction than with their medical care. A recent study from Cornell University concluded that perceived wait time affects patient satisfaction even more than the actual wait time. Use Educate The Wait to give your patients the best experience possible the minute they walk through your door.
  • Educate the Wait is a great addition to our family practice waiting room. No more complaints about what station the TV is on. Patients love the educational parts and we love to be able to update information about our practice on an ongoing basis. The staff has been great at updating promptly and has been very accessible for ironing out any issues we may be having.

    Dr Steve R. - Premier Family Healthcare

  • Norton County Hospital is pleased to have implemented Educate the Wait in our medical clinic and outpatient clinic waiting areas. This service is used to help showcase the many ways we provide care for the local area and allows patients to see photos and read bios of new specialists and visiting physicians. We are pleased at how easy it is to work with Jim, and we are pleased with the quick turnaround time for adding and taking out content. We feel Educate the Wait is one of the best ways to reach our patients!

    Katie A. - Executive Director, Norton Regional Health Foundation Norton County Hospital

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